GradUs matches international students from South Asia, particularly from India and China, to U.S. institutions for undergraduate and graduate studies. Our American university specialists work closely with students and their families to assist them in choosing the institution that best matches their interests, financial means, aptitude, and career goals. We then guide students through their university application and visa process to ensure a seamless transition into their new lives in the United States.

We work diligently with our agency and university partners to ensure the best possible service, support, and experience for our students. Our CEO, Dr. Onkar Sharma, knows how to attract quality students and is extremely selective in his choice of agency partners. He's worked for years with a select support network of agents who have impeccable reputations and long track records. Collectively they have helped thousands of students enroll in U.S. universities. In addition, GradUS ensures that their agent partners conduct themselves according to the strict standards of the National Association for Foreign Student Advisers (NAFSA's) Statement of Ethical principles and AIRC policies of best practices. All GradUS directors are certified ICEF Trained Agent Counselors (ITAC).


GradUS student services:

  • Selecting a field of study
  • Career counseling
  • Selecting institutions
  • Completing applications and assistance with Statement of Purpose (SOP) writing
  • Securing financial aid
  • Assuring student I-20 forms are issued expeditiously
  • Visa application process, DHS requirements, and preparation for the visa interview
  • Help with obtaining bank loans, if needed
  • Pre-arrival orientation
  • Travel arrangements
  • Finding temporary lodging if students arrive before official housing is available
  • Assimilation from the student's foreign country to the USA in whatever ways are practical and feasible


  • Our CEO and Founder has walked the path students hope to follow and has over twenty years of student placement experience
  • Our directors have all studied in the United States and are all certified ICEF Trained Agent Counselors (ITAC)
  • GradUS is a NAFSA member and an ICEF registered agency
  • The time and effort GradUS and their agency partners spend screening documents for authenticity
  • GradUS is there for students throughout their entire admission and relocation process
  • GradUS and their agency partners have collectively helped thousands of students enroll in U.S. universities
  • Our passion for changing lives
  • Our understanding of American university admission requirements
  • From our base in New York, we are available to students should they ever need us