As a result of the hard work and dedication of Onkar Sharma and the recruitment strategies he put in place, Marist has experienced significant growth in our Indian student population. Our campus and classroom environment within the School of Computer Science & Mathematics are now enriched with a diverse international graduate student body. Onkar's knowledge base and expertise have been invaluable to Marist and to the many students he has helped to achieve their dream of studying in the United States.

Kelly Holmes
Interim Dean of Graduate Admission
Marist College

I am very lucky to have met Dr. Sharma (in Ahmedabad, India) and he is an excellent counselor and mentor. With the help of Dr. Sharma's mentorship I was able to achieve my dream of studying in the U.S. and I recommend him highly to others. I currently am a Manager in the Financial Information Services Agency (New York City Government) and prior to that worked for both General Electric and IBM.

Jayesh Patel

In our very first meeting Dr. Sharma explained to me the different university programs and got me in touch with a student counselor who guided me through the whole admission process. He took personal interest in my case as I had excellent credentials from India but was a little intimidated and unaware of the process here. I truly thank him for taking the time to familiarize me with the CS dept. at Marist and helping me integrate into the new system. Since then, I have recommended several friends and family to the CS program. Needless to say, Dr. Sharma has been a big help in directing my career today. Currently I am a Principal Engineer/Architect at Dell.

Amish Gandhi

Dr. Sharma helped me tremendously right from the beginning. He interviewed me in Juhu, Mumbai and gave me an admissions letter. Then he helped me with every step of the visa process from obtaining an I-20 to eventually a Student F-1 visa. Even after I arrived at Marist College, he continued to assist me, helping me secure a teaching assistantship. In addition, Dr. Sharma also advised me on what courses to take and how to adjust to American culture and customs. Dr. Sharma is truly a "gentleman and a scholar," and I respect him very much for what he has done for me. After graduating, I worked at IBM for nine years as an Advisory IT Specialist. Following IBM, I worked at Siemens for five years as a Consulting Applications Engineer. Currently, I am working as Director, Technical Services at SATEC, a leader in electrical power metering solutions. I have five managers that report to me and total of a 20 person team under them.

Bertil Christian

To write a testimonial for Dr. Onkar Sharma as an academician and a university placement specialist is a very rewarding task. My association with Dr. Sharma dates back to the 1990's. Since my company OECS was at the start-up stage I was eager to work with people who had the right mind set and credibility in international recruitment. Dr. Sharma has proved to be an asset to me from the time we began our professional relationship. He is a very principled and moral person. Through my 30 years of academic experience I can attest that Dr. Sharma's highly refined method of evaluating students is second to none. His knowledge of international recruitment, personal approach, integrity, and passion to counsel make him a true specialist in international education.

Prof. T.M. Sathyanarayanan
Overseas Education Consultancy Services

It has been a pleasure to work with Dr. Onkar Sharma. He is a dynamic team player who inspires others to get involved, to share openly and honestly and is a man with high ethical standards. He is insightful, often observing fundamental elements of a problem that others have missed. People enjoy working with him because he clearly and diplomatically explains issues. He is a successful industry networker and he is knowledgeable about current industry trends and technologies. I found his in-depth expertise extremely useful when working on recruitment programs. Dr. Sharma is a thorough professional, paying great attention to detail while always seeing the bigger picture. He combines excellent technical knowledge with good management skills and clear, confident communication abilities. A great asset to any organization! I highly recommend Dr. Sharma to anyone who needs a person capable of managing university recruitment.

Dr. Tulasi Valmiki
Qualixa Overseas Education Consulting

Since Onkar Sharma stepped down from directing the Software Development Masters in the Computer Science department, he has increased his participation in admitting new students and our number of international students has increased substantially. Due to the large increase in interest, Marist College has developed an exceptional reputation in India. The amount of applications has been unprecedentedly growing with every semester. Also, currently, Marist College is able to be more selective and bring in only the top candidates for admittance. Thanks to Onkar, our program has undergone substantial change for the better. Bringing in top candidates, insuring our reputation as a top competitor of markedly exceptional programs and filling chairs that were previously empty are all results of an exceptional recruiter.

Deborah Holtman, PDSO
Assistant Registrar for Int'l Affairs
Marist College

After having met with Dr. Sharma personally, I decided to enroll at Marist College (1996) in New York. Dr. Sharma's guidance and support during my application process and transition to the U.S. will not be forgotten. I truly owe a lot to him. My degree from Marist opened up many new doors for me and I am currently with Credit Suisse as Vice President, Production Services India Lead for the CFO division.

Piyush Shah

Onkar Sharma, Ph.D., has had a tremendous impact on internationalizing Marist College. For more than two decades, he has traveled to India at least once each year to recruit students for the School of Computer Science and Mathematics at Marist College. He has visited numerous Indian cities during each trip and has personally met with thousands of students over the course of his career. He has reviewed and evaluated their undergraduate transcripts for admission into the Computer Science graduate programs at Marist. Onkar Sharma has a proven commitment to international recruitment.

Karen L. Tomkins-Tinch
Coordinator of International Student Programs
Marist College