GradUS matches international students from South Asia, particularly from India and China, to U.S. institutions for undergraduate and graduate studies. Our American university specialists work closely with students and their families to assist students in choosing the institution that best matches their interests, financial means, aptitude, and career goals. We then guide students through the application and visa processes to ensure a seamless transition into their new lives in the United States.

Our founder, Dr. Onkar Sharma, has walked the path international students hope to follow. Dr. Sharma has experienced the challenges of traveling from India to study in the United States, where he earned his M.S. and Ph.D. in computer science. He's intimately familiar with every obstacle students might face.

Because Dr. Sharma has been a university professor in the United States for over 40 years, he understands what U.S. universities look for in international students, and what types of students will succeed. He has also held senior-level university administrative positions, including that of Divisional Chairperson, Graduate Director, and Dean.

In addition, during the last 20 years, Dr. Sharma also started and ran the graduate student placement program exclusively for The School of Computer Science and Mathematics at Marist College (NY). He personally managed every step of the process from recruitment to enrollment: he traveled to SE Asia twice annually to recruit applicants; he reviewed and verified their credentials; and he was the sole authority on their admissions.

Most importantly, Dr. Sharma is passionate about mentoring students. Years ago, when he came to the United States to study, he had very little assistance. There wasn't a service like GradUS he could rely on. He had to navigate the bureaucracy and acclimate to a foreign culture on his own. It was often frustrating and lonely, but he persevered, earned his Ph.D., and changed his life. It allowed him to raise a family in the United States where his children all earned their degrees.

GradUS is a family-run business. After Dr. Sharma founded the company, his son, Abi, soon joined him. GradUS directors are excited by the opportunity to help students achieve academic success in the United States like they did. Unlike the counselors at many student placement services, GradUS' directors have grown up in the United States and completed their undergraduate and graduate studies here. They speak fluent English and Hindi.

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Why Work With GradUS?
  • Though we have offices in India and China, we're based in New York; therefore, we have the ability to meet with university partners in person, on short notice, at any time.
  • Our founder and directors all speak fluent English and Hindi.
  • We have a constantly growing list of accredited university partners and strong connections with members of their respective admissions departments.
  • GradUS will assist you in authenticating student documents.
  • You can count on GradUS to have your student applications in well before any university deadlines.
  • Dr. Sharma has experience with every step of the process. He knows what challenges students face, and what universities look for in applicants.

GradUS is extremely selective when choosing new agency partners. Dr. Sharma has worked for years with a select support network of agents who have impeccable reputations and long track records. Collectively they have helped thousands of students enroll in U.S. universities. Nevertheless, GradUS is always interested in expanding its network of agency partners. If an agency wishes to partner with GradUS, then it must follow procedures that are consistent with the AIRC standards of best practice. That said, the agency does not need to be officially AIRC certified.

Agencies interested in working with GradUS should contact us to let us know you'd like to be considered as an agency partner. We will have you fill out a questionnaire and then we'll review your information.

Contact Us
To write a testimonial for Dr. Onkar Sharma as an academician and a university placement specialist is a very rewarding task. My association with Dr. Sharma dates back to the 1990's. Since my company OECS was at the start-up stage I was eager to work with people who had the right mind set and credibility in international recruitment. Dr. Sharma has proved to be an asset to me from the time we began our professional relationship. He is a very principled and moral person. Through my 30 years of academic experience I can attest that Dr. Sharma's highly refined method of evaluating students is second to none. His knowledge of international recruitment, personal approach, integrity, and passion to counsel make him a true specialist in international education.